Grade 4

Fourth-grade teachers and their students have two standards-based field trip options at Main Street U.S.A. These include American Sampler and Early Days in Kansas.

Students, teachers and volunteers should bring their own sack lunch to Main Street U.S.A. It is easier if the lunches are brought in disposable containers. Please be sure students bring a clear drink for lunch. Students may also bring a water bottle for use during the day.

American Sampler

American Sampler explores an activity from each of the major regions of the United States including the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, and Southwest. Hawaii, Alaska and Washington, D.C. have individual activities. Foods, crafts, and games provide information about the United States. Booking a trip in the fall can be an introduction to the study of regions; a spring trip can be used as a follow up.

These dates are available for the 2017-18 year: Oct. 10, Oct. 17, Oct. 18.

Early Days in Kansas

Explorers such as Zebulon Pike, Lewis and Clark, Claude duTisne, Francisco Coronado, John Fremont, and Stephen Long are characters of early Kansas and pre-Kansas history. The Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trail have activities associated with this time period. Mapping of the people and trails is part of this activity day.

These dates are available for the 2017-18 year: Jan. 11, Jan. 16.

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Written By: Marlene Colgan Date posted: August 10, 2016